ZWO 1.25" Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

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ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector is used to reduces the effect of atmospheric dispersion on lunar and planetary images.

the first ADC made by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers!


 The prisms are the heart of the ADC

Material: H-K9L(Schott BK7)

Surface Accuracy: λ/[email protected]

Deviation Angle: 2°


UV friendly AR Coating


Martin Lewis tells you what an ADC is and why do we need it?How to use it?

Here is a review of ZWO’s ADC by John Boudreau

Some test images show the difference between using ADC and without ADC

ZWO_ADC_jupiter post-42840-0-79519500-1448201306

Jupiter from Emil with ASI174MM and ZWO ADC



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