Trade In Policy

CCTS features the most advantageous and generous telescope and camera trade in policy in the industry.

It is the policy of CCTS to accept  most items as a trade-in, when our customers are purchasing a telescope or camera from our store. We will make every effort to offer our customers the most generous trade-in value we can. The amount of trade-in will depend on the resale value of the trade-in unit and is subject to our visual inspection.

   We also, at our discretion, may offer you a cash buy offer on any of your equipment. Of course, the amount you receive in trade will be more generous than any cash settlement we may offer you.

We are not able to make any offer for trade-in or cash purchase over the telephone, but will gladly evaluate your unit if you will bring it or send it to our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Trade ins are considered to be STORE CREDIT ONLY transactions. If you choose to request a refund on your original purchase with which the trade in was transacted, a STORE CREDIT ONLY will be generated at the time of the refund.

If you have any questions about this policy, please call us at 631-475-1118. We will try our best to satisfy each and every customer.

Consignment Selling

In some cases, we may offer to sell your equipment through us on a consignment basis. This type of transaction is highly beneficial to you as the seller but please note that we are much more selective regarding the types of products that we will accept via consignment.
  Allow me to explain how the process works. You have two choices with us. You can either sell us your equipment outright for cash or you can trade it in for credit against another purchase. Of course, the amount you receive will be more generous with a store credit offer on our part.
    The other option is one that, in the long run, offers you more cash or credit in the end. We may offer you the opion of entering into a consignment arrangement with us. In this case, we are acting as your sales agent and we only take a commission on the selling price when the item is eventually sold. Please note: we do not offer consignments on all products, for example, inexpensive accessories of low value. Items such as these are usually settled with us on the spot for cash or credit. Consignment contracts are awarded at the discretion of CCTS. 
   If you choose to accept a consignment arrangement, once the equipment is inspected we would give you a detailed inventory of all equipment left for consignment. We would then do the required market research to determine the most accurate value for your merchandise and we will make recommendations regarding the listed selling prices. Your equipment would be professionally cleaned, collimated, and photographed and placed on various websites for the purpose of promotion. 
    I would invite you to come to the store at your convenience if you would like to take advantage of any of these options.
  I look forward to meeting with you and making these arrangements.