Every bit as important as the telescope optical tube assembly (OTA) is the correct telescope mount. If you are considering purchasing a new telescope or buying a new telescope mount, let CCTS help you decide what telescope mount right for you. here are the basic differences:
The german equatorial mount is aligned to the pole and uses a series of gears and slow motion cables to track objects in right ascension and declination - as well as manual setting circles for locating objects. the GEM mount incorporates a counterweight system which allows the use of heavier telescopes and is greatly advantageous in the practice of astrophotography. in addition, you can add optional drive units and digital setting circles or even purchase it as a computer-controlled GOTO mount.
The alt-az telescope mount moves left to right and up and down in simple straight lines.. The alt-azimuth telescope mount design is generally used with smaller telescopes, especially refractors and mak-casssegrain designs and can also be computer-assisted or even computer controlled.
Finally, for large aperture Newtonian reflectors, there is the economical & easy-to-use Dobsonian mount. the dobsonian acts like a lazy susan with the telescope body resting in a cradle and moving freely in any direction with a simple push. With the exception of the Dobsonian telescope, all telescope mounts require optical tube connecting plates or telescope tube rings available from a number of manufacturers such as ADM, Losmandy & Arcturus.