The History of CCTS

   The origin of CCTS goes way back to a joint family run business that was originally formed by ancestors of the present owners. Back in the 1960’s Leon Norwood and Henry Becker, both WWII veterans, combined forces to create one of the largest photographic retail chains on the east coast.

After more than ten years of experience in the family business, Jeff Norwood and Margarete Becker decided to branch out on their own and Camera Concepts was founded in 1985 with 2 locations in Patchogue and Riverhead. At that time Camera Concepts was a full line photographic equipment and supplies store but expansion was always front and center in their growth plan.

            In addition to his training as a photographer and technician, Jeff Norwood was an amateur astronomer for many years. That love of astronomy drove him to expand the business with the sale of astronomically related goods. Well, he couldn’t resist all the “goodies” he came across so… they kept expanding their lines of astronomical products! As you can see from their online website, they went a bit overboard and now CCTS carries thousands and thousands of astronomical products from practically every manufacturer in the world.

            The astronomical portion of the business for Camera Concepts became so huge that the decision was made to change the company name in 1999 to Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions or simply CCTS.

            CCTS makes support for the individual customer its main objective. Another objective in the company’s mission is to support the astronomical community in general. In keeping with that goal CCTS has made it a practice of attending dozens of astronomical events during the course of each year in order to keep personally in touch with their clients. The astronomical community is a relatively small and select one and they understand the importance of preserving one’s reputation. As owners, Jeff and Grete have made it a point to be involved with individual customers on a regular basis. There is no “armchair quarterbacking” at CCTS.

If ever you need to speak with the owners they are there for you. They even put their personal cell phone on the front page of the website and they encourage you to call them anytime whether it be to praise us, make a complaint, or even just to talk stars!