Dew Control

We offer many dew solutions for your telescope's dew protection needs. Check out our full line of dew heating systems for your telescope. In this category you'll find dew heater straps, dew heater system accessories, dew system controllers and temperature and humidity sensors. A flexible dew shield for your telescope will offer a very economical solution to your dew problems. A dew cap is a tube, of approximately the same diameter as your telescope tube, designed to fit on the front end of the telescope to reduce the amount of dew that builds up on the corrector plate. It also serves as a lens shade by preventing stray light from falling on the corrector plate, which greatly improves contrast. A flexible dew shield mounts on the front of your telescope tube body and helps prevent ambient dew from forming by recessing the primary lens or corrector plate. Working on the same principle, hard dew shields are constructed from aluminum. Although they are a bit more expensive, they are less likely to get bent or kinked when being transported or stored. Another bonus to the hard dew shield is the dew shield cap . Like the dust cap provided with your telescope, the dew shield cap snaps perfectly into place onto your dew shield itself. This means less time balancing your telescope when you'd rather just leave the dew shield in place and want to protect your lens or corrector plate.
If you have questions about dew solutions for your telescope please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] or phone us at 631-475-1118.