Lunt LS60MT Modular Solar Telescopes

Lunt 60mm Universal Day & Night Modular Telescope

The Lunt Solar 60mm MT is the smallest and most portable of the new line of modular telescopes.
You can enjoy this new versatile 60mm telescope with its new ED Doublet Lens in all our available wavelengths, for a true grab and go scope that will deliver excellent views in all its configurations.
The LS60MT Telescope provides stellar Solar Viewing in its default configuration with provided Hydrogen Alpha Module, it’s 60mm aperture allowing the viewer to gaze at the sun with an unobstructed clarity that is unparalleled in the industry.
Explore the intricacies and features present on the sun with amazing detail utilizing our Doppler True tuning pressure system; this will allow the viewer to change their view of the sun with the finest of adjustments, by simply adjusting the pressure within the system.

The 60mm MT can be easily accessories to view and image the Sun in H-alpha, Calcium-k, and White Light.

The 60mm MT can also be quickly reconfigured to view and image Moon, Planets, Galaxies and Terrestrial objects