Sky-Watcher Traditional Dobsonians

Sky-Watcher carries on the legacy Dobson left behind with our Traditional Dobsonian telescope.  Often referred to as ‘light buckets’, Dobsonians provide users with the highest possible aperture for their money when compared to telescopes of a similar size, such as Schmidt-Cassegrains or refractors.  Dobsonians use a simple, yet effective design, optimized for visual observation of faint objects, such as nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.  At Sky-Watcher, we stay true to the traditional John Dobson design, using just two mirrors, a metal tube and a simple rocker box.  Although we love computerized telescopes, using a star chart to find objects by hand can be far more fulfilling and will improve your knowledge of the night sky.  Unplug your electronic devices, step outside and become immersed in the wonders of the universe.