Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi head

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The Star Adventurer GTi Mount goes  further when it comes to astrophotography dedicated mounts. This equatorial mount has the portability and astro-imaging dedicated technology of the original Star Adventurer 2i star tracker, but in a fully GoTo system. You no longer have to worry about attaching a polar scope to your mount. The Star Adventurer GTi comes with a built-in polar scope and illuminator. With the integrated WiFi feature and the SynScan app or user-supplied controller, you can adjust the illuminator brightness to your desired level. This mount truly bridges the gap between the original Star Adventurer and a fully GoTo mount perfect for astrophotography


Only weighing in at 5.7 lb, this GoTo Star Adventurer mount has a weight capacity of 11 lb., making it well-equipped to handle a wide variety of astrophotography accessories and tools like a DSLR or mirrorless camera, wide-angle or telephoto lens, and even a small aperture astrograph with an attached astronomy camera! Not only can this GTi mount handle a variety of astrophotography equipment, but it can also connect to any sturdy tripod with a standard 3/8 thread. Another great built-in feature is the latitude and azimuth adjustments. This means you have no need for an EQ wedge like you would with the standard Star Adventurer 2i star tracker.

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Power and Versatility

The Star Adventurer GTi mount head from Sky-Watcher provides excellent tracking capabilities. An array of onboard ports allow for extended functionality. The unit can be battery powered or with an external power source. A counterweight and shaft completes this package


Great Tracking Performance
You can control this Sky-Watcher GoTo mount from your phone or tablet. All you need is the SynScan app. Or, you can also use a user-supplied SynScan hand controller to access and set the tracking modes for your mount. The Star Adventurer GTi mount comes with pre-programmed tracking rates. These include sidereal, solar, and lunar tracking modes.

Onboard Ports Provide Extra Functionality
Near the removable RA cap, you will find a panel with all of the included Star Adventurer GTi mount ports. These interfaces include a standard ST4 guiding port, a SNAP port, a USB-B port for computer interface, and a port for DSLR shutter control which is programmable via the free SynScan Pro app that you can download to your Android or iOS devices. In addition to the on/off switch, there is also a port for the optional SynScan hand controller (sold separately). In addition, you can power the mount through eight AA batteries, or with an external power source through the 2.1 mm female power port.

Counterweight and Shaft Included
Whether you are in the low or high latitudes, this GoTo Star Adventurer mount has you covered. On the body of the mount, there are two counterweight positions. Simply attach your 20mm counterweight bar and 5 lb. counterweight to the applicable counterweight position and you can access a true 0° to 70° latitude range. With a 20 mm diameter shaft, the counterweight bar is also compatible with other standard, and possibly larger, counterweights.

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