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ESATTO robotic microfocuser is also available in a larger 3" version: 76mm free aperture, 25mm of draw tube travel, 8kg of payload capacity and an incredible resolution of 0,04 micron per step! The perfect solution for apochromatic refractors and Ritchey-Chretien or Cassegrain telescopes, and heavy imaging trains with large cameras and accessories like off axis guiders, filter wheels and adaptive optics. And you can also expand ESATTO features by adding the ARCO robotic camera rotator!

PrimaLuceLab's ESATTO is a compact, 3" robotic microfocuser for PrimaLuce telescopes. Astrophotographers will be glad they added this focuser to their system. Using this, you can remove the stock focuser from the telescope and attach this microfocuser to the telescope using a specially designed adapter (not included). This ESATTO robotic focuser can be controlled using any Windows computer by using the USB port. You can also control ESATTO via WiFi by installing the ESATTO app on a smartphone, tablet, or the PrimaLuce Virtual HandPad (not included).

Please Note : To use the ESATTO 3" with a telescope and camera, you will need to purchase a compatible adapter for the telescope and another adapter for the camera. If you would like to use the focuser visually, then you will need the compatible telescope adapter and the 2" visual back.

The camera side of the ESATTO has an M81x0.75 male thread. This thread connects and manually rotates many cameras and accessories when the adapter and stop rings are added.

The 3" version of ESATTO has a 67mm depth, a 15mm tube travel, a 5kg payload capacity, and a 0.04 micron per step resolution! This is the perfect robotic focuser to replace your stock focuser. It is sturdy and precise, meaning you get the most out of your observation sessions. You'll spend less time working on achieving that focus, and more time imaging! It even works for visual use! With the USB-C port, ESATTO can be connected to EAGLE or any Window computer for remote control. When connected to one of the EAGLE USB3.0 ports, the ESATTO will be able to be powered and controlled directly from the EAGLE, meaning you only need one cord!

    • Free Aperture: 76mm
    • Style: Crayford
    • Bearings: 28 Ball Bearings
    • Payload Capacity: 8kg (11 lb)
    • Thickness: 77mm
    • Tube Travel: 25mm
    • Resolution: 0.04 microns per step
    • Remote Control: from EAGLE, Windows computer with dedicated control software, WiFi, ESATTO Virtual HandPad, or ASCOM drivers
    • USB: USB-C connector
  • Weight: 1345g (2.96lb)

Large diameter for more free aperture and weight load capacity

Compared to the 2" model, ESATTO 3" offers a greater free aperture (76mm against  51mm of ESATTO 2") so it is perfect for astrophotography with telescopes such as large apochromatic refractors, Ritchey-Chretien or Cassegrain and heavy cameras with accessories like off-axis guiders, filter wheels and adaptive optics. The large free aperture also allows the use of special focal reducers or correctors. A special design with 28 bearings allows to increase the load capacity to 8 kg.


ESATTO 3 robotic microfocuser



ESATTO 3 robotic microfocuser



The best performance in a micrometric focuser

ESATTO 3" has all the advanced features included in the ESATTO focusers: connection to Windows control computer (or EAGLE) with a robust USB-C port (you can connect ESATTO to any USB port thanks to the cable included in the package), control and setting software with ASCOM driver to use also with any astrophotography software, remote control via WiFi using the dedicated ESATTO Virtual HandPad app (to control it even without a computer).



ESATTO 3 robotic microfocuser



Many adapters available to connect to many telescopes and cameras

We know that a perfect focuser is nothing without a solid connection to the camera. That's why, instead of using a normal 2" visual back, ESATTO 3" offers a M81x0.75 male thread and, through a complete series of optional camera adapters with stop ring, it allows you to directly connect the most common DSLR, mirrorless and CCD or CMOS cooled cameras  directly at the focuser. The stop ring allows you to lock the camera at a precise angle to better frame the object to be photographed. The stop ring adapters are available in many different sizes: this way you can connect, with maximum rigidity and comfort, any camera or accessory. We have also prepared several adapters to connect ESATTO 3" to many telescopes!



ESATTO 3 focheggiatore robotico micrometrico



Connect with a single cable to ARCO to remotely control also your robotic camera rotator

ESATTO includes a special port allowing ARCO, the robotic camera rotator, to be directly connected. With ARCO, you can remotely control the rotation angle of your camera in order to achieve perfect framing of the object you want to record. ESATTO and ARCO are designed to work together - You will need only one short interconnect between the two!



ESATTO 2 robotic microfocuser

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