Article number: CFW3-M-SR
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The new CFW3 series filter wheels are available in four sizes to accommodate filters from 1.25-inch to 50 millimeters square.

For filter wheel control a custom QHY 4-pin filter wheel port is included that provides power and control signals for QHY dual control filter wheels like the series 3 filter wheels.  Both the series 2 and new series 3 filter wheels can be controlled by either an independent external program using the filter wheel’s USB port or via the QHY 4-pin serial port. When connected to the QHY 4-pin port there is no need for an additional power cable or control program.  All of the filter wheel functions are controlled through the camera and its operating Software.

The series 3 filter wheels utilize a new motor with direct drive and will reverse direction to take the shortest path when moving from one filter to another. For Example, in this demonstration the wheel moves from filter position 1 to position 2 to position 3 and then back to 1 again, over to position 7 and back to position 1 without ever making a complete rotation of the carousel.  This saves time if you’re doing a lot of filter changes in one imaging session.

LED changes color for each filter position.  The tricolor LED assigns one unique color or combination of colors to each filter position so you can tell if it’s moved to the correct position without removing it from the Telescope.

The CFW3 is also thin.  This feature and the short back focus of the COLDMOS cameras means you can add one of several camera lens adapters for Canon and Nikon camera lenses for wide field imaging with the filter wheel.

In the center of the back plate is a 12-volt DC power port.  This port is threaded for a short extension cable that is supplied with the camera that securely attaches such that it will not accidentally disconnect while you are imaging.

CFW3M-SR 20.5mm+2mm 5 position 2inch mounted/50mm unmounted 10mm 728g USD349
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