Baader Planetarium Premium Colored Filters

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NOW in 2" SIZE!

Not just another colored filter.  Finally, a set of serious tools for the planetary observer.  Baader Planetarium's Premium Colored Filters bring a new level of quality and performance to planetary contrast enhancement.   Available singly, or as a full set of 6 filters in both 1¼” and 2" Sizes.

  • Freedom from Ghost images, even when stacked.  Striae-free substrates are polished parallel to 30 seconds of to avoid wedge errors.  Finest 7-layer  hard multicoatings on both faces feature 0.25% residual reflections (Baader filters are unique, no other colored filter incorporates anti-reflection multicoatings).  The coatings are also different for each of the filters, in order to match the coating performance to the filter curve of each color.  This maximizes the transmission and minimizes reflections.

  •  Extremely High Transmissions result in maximum contrast and isolation of planetary details, even with smaller telescopes.  Efficiencies of the three longpass filters (Red, Orange, and Yellow) peaks at 98%, and efficiencies of the three bandpass filters (Green, Blue, Dark Blue) achieve 70%. 

  • Carefully designed spectral characteristics.  Filters may be stacked without image degradation or ghosting, in order to provide even narrower passbands.  Or, combine with any of the other Baader filters for interesting possibilities.  For actual spectral traces, see Color Filter Transmission Curves.

  • No reduction in sharpness, even at high magnifications or when using the filter far ahead of the focal plane (ie, digital imaging, or in front of a diagonal or binoviewer). 

  • With the new 2" size, only one filter is needed for binoviewing.  Only Baader colored filters have the optical quality necessary for use this far ahead of the focal plane.

- Set of all 6 Premium Colored Filters, 1¼”  (#FCFS-1), 2”  (#FCFS-2)

- Red (610 nm) Longpass, 1¼”  (#FCFR-1), 2”  (#FCFR-2)

- Orange (570 nm) Longpass, 1¼”  (#FCFO-1), 2”  (#FCFO-2)

- Yellow (495 nm) Longpass, 1¼”  (#FCFY-1), 2”  (#FCFY-2)

- Green (500 nm) Bandpass, 1¼”  (#FCFG-1), 2”  (#FCFG-2)

- Bright Blue (470 nm) Bandpass, 1¼”  (#FCFB-1), 2”  (#FCFB-2)

- Dark Blue (435 nm) Bandpass, 1¼”  (#FCFDB-1), 2”  (#FCFDB-2)


For  a data sheet containing more information on these filters, including transmission curves, please click on the MORE INFO link (344kb pdf).

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