Baader IR-Pass filter 2 (SPECIFY SIZE)

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Baader Planetarium delivers the latest tool in the planetary imager's bag of tricks.  The Baader IR-Pass filter blocks wavelengths below  670 nm.  At these longer wavelengths, planetary images are less disturbed by wavefront distortions in the atmosphere (seeing).  By combining a luminance image taken with the IR-Pass filter, along with  RGB frames, overall image sharpness is significantly enhanced.  Some of the world's best amateur planetary images have been taken with this technique.

Also darkens the twilight sky background, allowing mages of moon and planets to be taken at dawn or dusk.  Deep sky images reveal young hot stars in dust clouds and star forming regions.

The IR-Pass filter shares the same outstanding features as all the other Baader filters.  High optical quality, Striae-free substrate, and high efficiency multicoatings result in the sharpest and highest contrast image possible.

In addtion to astronomical uses, theIR-Pass filter can be used for nature photography in the Near-IR, revealing stunning differences in plants, sky, and clouds (requires use of a camera that is sensitive to IR above 670nm, such as a modified DSLR or webcam).  

Please click on the image below for a typical transmission curve:

IR-Pass Filter Transmission Curve



- Baader IR-Pass Filter,  1¼”  (#FIRP-1)

- Baader IR-Pass Filter, 2"   (#FIRP-2)



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