Baader Phantom Ortho 7mm MC Coated Eyepiece (Pre-Owned)

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The true Abbe Orthoscopic has long been recognized for its ability to deliver the highest resolution, contrast and light throughput of any modern eyepiece design. On-axis images are essentially perfect and the orthoscopic design ensures freedom from distortion. Contrast and throughput are maximized by its minimum of lens elements and only 4 air-to-glass surfaces.

The pinnacle of planetary eyepieces, the Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic, are still regarded as the finest eyepieces ever produced, and are the standard against which all other premium eyepieces are compared. Unfortunately, these eyepieces are no longer produced, and command prices of up to $800 apiece on the secondary market. Through their many years of eyepiece design and production, combined with their close associations with Zeiss, Baader Planetarium has acquired a unique in-depth knowledge of eyepiece design and fabrication. Baader set out to deliver an eyepiece that is worthy of comparison to the Zeiss Abbe, while still remaining affordable for the amateur. The result is the Baader Genuine Orthoscopic.

• Phantom Multi-Coatings. Absolutely the finest Broadband Multilayer Coatings available have been applied to all surfaces. Reflectivity of less than 0.2% at each air-to-glass surface results in maximum contrast, light throughput, and freedom from ghost images.
• Superb Lens Polish. Baader Genuine Orthoscopics are polished to a high standard, for maximum clarity and contrast. A surprising number of premium commercial eyepieces suffer from roughness, excessive pits, or sleeks left in the lens surfaces. These tiny defects can hamper short focal length planetary eyepieces, where even the smallest imperfections scatter light and reduce contrast.
• High quality glasses for maximum transmission and purest colors with no yellowing or selective coloration.
• 40 degree apparent field of view.
• Parfocal (slight refocusing may be needed).
• Superb Mechanical Quality. Proper Internal Baffling and Blackened Lens Edges for elimination of stray light reflections. Chrome Plated barrels are threaded for standard1.25" filters.

Baader Genuine Orthoscopics are the ideal choice for any critical observing that demands the highest contrast, resolution and light throughput. Naturally, observation of fine planetary detail benefits from the qualities of the Genuine Orthoscopic. Lunar and Solar H-Alpha and White-Light observers will find the low scatter indispensable in preventing the intense brightness from from washing out subtle surface or limb details. Deep Sky observers will appreciate the contrast and high light throughput for observing faint nebula, double stars, galaxies, and stars at the limit of their equipment and skies.

In his detailed comparison between Zeiss "Abbe", Pentax SMC-Orthos, and Baader Genuine Orthoscopics, noted German amateur Dr. Michael Lalk (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University) had the following to say:
"My result: Baader -Planetarium has succeeded with the Genuine Orthos. They represent a worthy execution of the orthoscopic eyepiece, in my opinion, and make it possible for those who do not possess the Zeiss Abbes to own an equal alternative at a fraction of the price. No exotic glasses are used here, surely, as Zeiss. But, my observations show that it is actually not possible to differentiate, in use, between a Zeiss "Abbe", a Pentax SMC-Ortho, or a Baader Genuine Ortho"

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