Baader Maxbright II Binokular complete set with special accessories

Article number: BINO-S
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  • Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer with adapters to T-2 and Zeiss micro-bayonet in a padded carrying case
  • 27mm prisms with 26 / 25,5mm clear aperture, for all 1,25"-eyepieces – up to focal lengths of 35mm
  • Ergonomically designed ClickLock® eyepiece clamps with diopter adjustment
  • Baader Astro T-2 System™ connector thread (M 42 x 0.75) and Zeiss micro-bayonet for the shortest possible connection to (almost) all existing telescope systems
  • Optical tube length: 110 mm (+/- 1 mm tolerance)

A Baader Glasspath Corrector ® (GC) A Baader Glasspath Corrector (GC) fulfills two critical roles. Firstly, it corrects the glass path – that's the amount of glass through which light passes on its way through the prisms and which causes chromatic aberrations (colour errors) with fast telescopes. Secondly, the GC magnifies the focal length and moves the focal point of the main telescope.

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