Baader Polarizing Filter, 1¼”

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A particularly handy attribute of the Herschel Wedge is it's partial polarizing effect on the solar image.  This permits a very convenient means of variably adjusting the image brightness, simply by using a single polarizing filter between the Herschel and Eyepiece.   The filter/eyepiece combo can then be rotated, and the image is variably dimmed.  We use a Baader polarizer in our own observations, finding this very useful to easily achieve the optimum brightness for maximum visual contrast at any magnification. 


We sell two sizes of Polarizing filters for visual use with the Herschel (both are produced in Japan for Baader Planetarium).  The 1¼" version can be threaded onto an eyepiece directly.  The 2" can, of course, be attached to a 2" eyepiece.  For the ultimate in convenience, we recommend the 2" Polarizer attached to a T2-15 (2"/1¼" reducer).  This allows you to conveniently switch between 1¼" eyepieces without removing the filter, and still maintaining a close position between the eyepiece and filter.  Use of a T2-15 also gives you a very convenient means of attaching and removing the Solar Continuum filter. 


Please Note:  Polarizing filters are intended for visual use and must only be used in conjunction with the existing internal ND=3.0 filter.  A polarizing filter does not provide sufficient blocking by itself, nor is it able to block IR wavelengths as completely as an ND filter.  Also, the polarizing filter must be used on the eyepiece or eyepiece reducer, never ahead of the ND3.0 filter (the polarizing filter must be located after the ND3.0 filter to prevent damage to the delicate internal layers of the polarizing filter).

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