Baader 2" SolarSpectrum 0.4x Research Grade Telecompressor - CMPRSR2

Article number: CMPRSR2
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    • As with the TZ-3 Telecentric system, this Research Grade 0.4x Telecompressor has a clear aperture of 46 mm throughout, ideally equipped even for large SolarSpectrum RG46 H-Alpha filters.
    • 74 mm working distance to the camera sensor, optimal for shooting video as well as full disc solar imaging. 16 mm corrected image field corresponds to the TZ-3.
    • Mounts directly to the SolarSpectrum filter to reduce the focal ratio by a factor of 0.4x from f/30 to f/10.
    • Features 2" male threads on each side, suitable for the Baader Universal Flange Adapter #2958240 included on both sides of SolarSpectrum H-Alpha filters.
  • By adjusting the focal length, this RG 0.4x Telecompressor enhances weak seeing conditions and/or to extend the field of view for photographic or Lucky exposure imaging.

Works with all SolarSpectrum H-Alpha filters featuring 2" male threads on each side. Parallel light with a ray path of at least f/30 is a prerequisite for Solar Spectrum H-Alpha filters. This is attained via Baader telecentric system focal length (or possibly by dimming the lens with the iris). Due to the focal length extension of many telescopes, the sun does not become fully discernible when 30 to 35 mm eyepieces are employed.

This Solar Spectrum Telecompressor is mounted directly to the filter via the eyepiece side to again reduce the already extended focal length by a factor of 0.4x. This results in a much more significant area of the solar system becoming apparent, contingent on the size of the Etalon mounted inside the Solar Spectrum filter.

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