Baader 2" Astro Amici 90º Diagonal Prism with BBHS® Coating - AMICI-DX2

Article number: AMICI-DX2
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    • Optimally equipped for night sky observation at high magnification.
    • Hard silver-coating offers protection against damage from aging. Manufactured by Zeiss standard, this diagonal is astro quality.
  • Comes with a 2" ClickLock clamp and 2" nosepiece.
Baader BBHS® Reflective Properties

This 90º 2" Diagonal Prism features Baader's exclusive BBHS® (Broad Band Hard Silver) reflection coatings. Baader has been primarily using BBHS coatings on their highest quality grade 2" Sitall Star Diagonals, as well as with the T2 Sitall Star Diagonal when the housing contains male and female T-2 threads in order to decrease the optical path for the use of binoculars, and to provide peak adaptation variability along with increased light throughput compared to any standard 1.25" star diagonal. When applied to Baader's zero expansion glass-cermaics Sitall substrates, these multiple hard silver deposited layers are sealed by a set of dielectric layers for long-lasting durability. This coating technology advancement means the life of Baader BBHS® coating is equal to that of high qualty AlSiO2 coating, matching standard aluminum coated diagonals and telescope mirrors, which have been in wide use for several years, in durability. However, when up against the 50 layer all dielectric coatings used on the 2" ClickLock Star Diagonal, the spectral bandpass of the BBHS® coatings is much wider.

Baader Planetarium 90º 2" Amici Diagonal Prism Specifications


    • Optical Design: Erecting prism
    • Inner Connection (Lens Side): 2" M48, M55 thread
    • Outer Connection (Lens Side): 2" barrel, dovetail ring, S58
    • Inner Connection (Eyepiece/Camera Side): 2", thread, clamp, M55
    • Reflection Surface: Sealed BBHS coating
    • AR-Coating: Phantom Coating® group
    • Image Orientation: Erect image, non-reversed
    • Optical Tube Length: 80
    • Clamping System: ClickLock
    • Deflection Angle: 90º
  • Clear Aperture: 44 mm
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