Baader 2" Photo Adapter for NexStar 4 or ETX Telescopes

Article number: NX4-ETX
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Baader makes the perfect compliment to your Celestron NexStar 4 or Meade ETX telescope. The Baader NX4-ETX Universal Adapter allows you to adapt various photo-visual accessories to your telescope that use either a T-thread or standard 2" SCT thread. In the fully assembled condition (as shown), the Baader NX4 Universal Adapter gives your telescope a fully rotating external T-thread for coupling cameras or any of the Baader T-2 accessories. Wide fluted surfaces allow you to get a good grip on the adapter, even if you have gloves on.

The Baader Universal Adapter also incorporates an internal 1.25" Filter Thread which allows you to install any 1.25" filter inside the adapter. Now you can directly couple any accessory and still be able to incorporate photo or visual filters in the optical path. Or install a clear UV/IR cut filter to completely seal your telescope from dust and the elements.

By removing the T-threaded adapter portion, a standard 2" SCT thread is exposed. This allows you to, in effect, step up the smaller threads of your telescope to full 2" SCT thread compatibility. Now, you can use any accessory that was designed to attach to the larger SCTs with 2" threading. The 1.25" filter capability remains, too.

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