Baader 2" Double Polarizing Filter - FPOL-2D

Article number: FPOL-2D
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    • The Baader 2" Double Polarizing Filter is optimally suited for planetary as well as solar viewing applications.


    • For solar work in collaboration with Baader Astro Solar Safety Film or Baader Herschel Wedge Prism. Do not use any eyepiece filter for solar viewing without an objective front filter.


    • Continuous brightness adjustment via rotatable filter cell for comfortable observing.


    • Improves contrast for planetary viewing.


  • Edges feature non-aging sealed coatings.

Fitting 2" eyepieces/threads, this double filter system's two filters can be rotated against each other for a brightness level ideal for lunar observing despite the current phase of the moon. Additionally, the 2" Double Polarizing Filter can be used for solar viewing in conjunction with an objective Astro Solar Film sun filter.


Please Note: You cannot unscrew the two polarizing filters to create two single filters for using on, for instance, a Herschel Wedge. Doing so may cause them to be tilted to each other when threaded back together, causing degraded image quality or reflections. You can follow this link if you need a Baader Single 2" Polarizing Filter.

Important Information For Observing The Sun


Polarizing and neutral density filters require additional filtering such as a Herschel Prism or Astro Solar Safety Film before the telescope eyepiece for safe solar viewing. Observing without the proper filters can cause severe damage to both these filters and your eyes.

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