AstroZap Light Shroud for 12" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1312

Article number: AZ-1312
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This AstroZap Light Shroud is an all but indispensible accessory for owners of truss-tube RC telescopes. On the plus side, the Truss design enables a lighter system. However, between the primary and secondary, Truss-Tube telescopes also leave a substantial amount of room exposed to the air. This leaves the optics vulnerable to dew as well as stray light which reduce image quality and may cut short an observing session. Proudly manufactured in the USA, the fabric used to make this AstroZap Light Shroud is a blend of nylon and cotton. Easily accommodates the telescope's trusses. Drawstrings on both the top and bottom not only help to secure the shroud in place, they also offer a subtle dew prevention system akin to AstroZap dew shields. Unlike other light shrouds on the market, Astrozap's light shrouds feature a distinct design that maintains its shape even under severe dewing conditions and will not dip into the light path.

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