AstroZap Light Shroud for 10" Truss-Tube RC Telescopes - AZ1310

Article number: AZ-1310
Availability: More on the Way to us

For owners of open truss-tube RC telescopes, this light shroud from Astrozap is an essential accessory. Though the Truss design saves weight, it also leaves a lot of room open to the air between the primary and secondary, leaving the optics prone to dew and the telescope prone to stray light. Image quality, not to mention overall observing satisfaction, is reduced as a result of both of these afflictions. AstroZap light shrouds consist of a material made from a blend of nylon and cotton, and are tailored to fit over the telescope's trusses without difficulty. Drawstrings on the top and bottom help to fix the shroud in place. In addition, the drawstrings also provide a passive dew prevention system similar to the Astrozap dew shields. Contrary to other available light shrouds, AstroZap's precisely designed light shrouds keep their form so that the shroud material does not dip into the light path, even when dew conditions are medium to heavy. Made in the USA.

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