Askar 200mm f4 Astro Lens Camera Lens - ACL200

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ACL 200mm F/4 Lens Features:

1. This 200mm focal length professional camera lens for astrophotography is a world first, features the appearance and structure of a standard camera lens. Its integral design offers a compact, lightweight and easy to use optical system.

2. This lens is carefully designed to optimize the quality of the image and create optimal performance. No need to attach complicated accessories.

3. Excellent for the elimination of chromatic aberration. no need to worry that the chromatic halo in a photograph caused by normal camera lens and telescope.

4. Full frame photography and flat-field correction supported, it effectively corrects for chromatic aberration and produces superb images.

5. For astrophotography, F/4 is a fast focal ratio, which can effectively shorten the exposure time and reduce the burden of maintaining critical tracking accuracy of an equatorial mount for an extended period of time.
6. For astrophotography, it adopts two focus modes: One is a coarse adjustment (Helical Focuser), the other is 1mm micro adjustment making critical focus.

7. For landscape photography, it is optical optimized designed features F/4 -- F/22 aperture,thus it can be used for astrophotography and landscape either simultaneously or overlapping. The shortest focusing distance is 3 meters.


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