Askar 107mm f7 Quadruplet Super APO Astrograph-107PHQ

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Askar Lens is introducing a new product for widefield astrophotography, the 107PHQ 107 mm F/7 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph. The four-element Petzval system consists of a color-correct triplet objective and a corrector lens built into the optical tube, eliminating the need for a separate field flattener, with two elements made of ED glass. The astrograph produces an image circle field of 66mm, enough to cover a full-frame sensor. The 3.4″ RAP focuser with micro-reduction and 360° rotation has a travel distance of 95mm and is rated for a load of 8kg. It can also be used for visual observing with 1.25″ and 2″ diagonals and eyepieces. The standard package includes an Askar 107PHQ OTA, a set of four-piece M86-M48 adapters, a pair of tube rings, a 300mm Askar Vixen-style dovetail plate, and an aluminum suitcase.

As the first long-focal-ratio Flatfield astrograph from Askar, 107PHQ is born with a special mission: whether you are just getting started in astrophotography,
or an enthusiast who has been quite familiar with all equipment and devices, you can always find Askar 107PHQ a useful astrograph which is functionally practical and physically attractive.
It’s especially amateur or beginner friendly since you don’t need to attach an extra field flattener to get a satisfactory picture. And for the fact that you don’t need a flattener and you can easily get over back-focus calculation
and confusing connection steps, all you need to do is to equip your 107PHQ with any possible imaging devices, make the target stay at the focus, and then the whole optical system is perfect for imaging
Askar 107PHQ, a versatile all-rounder
Askar 107PHQ can literally be applied in any conceivable situations, and that’s the top reason why 107PHQ is produced: to slash as much trouble for users as possible.
Askar 107PHQ can capture tiny star objects due to its 740mm focal length and astonishing field flattening capacity. When used Askar 107PHQ and a high-resolution camera, it can still bring out lots of detailed information of your target.
Askar 107PHQ is also a nice choice for your visual observation. It fits 1.25", 2" zenith mirrors as well as various eyepieces and can achieve a perfect focus. It can even be used to observe planets with a super-high magnification eyepiece.

Askar 107PHQ, an f/7 astrograph, contains four pieces of lenses including two pieces of ED glass, which can better reduce chromatic aberration. It can achieve excellent color correction even with the magnification mounting to 300× in visual observation.

The sleek 107PHQ is assembled with high-quality CNC-machined components and wrapped with smooth coating. The calm and seriousness is offset by the bright green decorative rings or knobs. The 3.4" rigid focuser is capable of handling a load of 8kg. It’s designed with a long travel distance of 95mm, which is suitable for visual observation. And it’s been optimized especially for astrophotography.

The built-in Flatfield lens is a great contribution to Askar 107PHQ’s imaging ability. It supports 44mm full-frame imaging. The stars around the corner of the images seldom suffer from distortion or deformation. At the center of its field of view, the RMS radius is merely 3um. Even a fastidious user can also be satiated when it comes to the shape of stars. Askar 170PHQ can effectively handle with problems of field curvature and vignette.

The standard package includes an Askar 107PHQ OTA, a set of four-piece M86-M48 adapters, a pair of tube rings, a 300mm Askar Vixen-style dovetail plate and a high-quality aluminum suitcase.

Aperture size:107mm
Focal length:749mm
Focal ratio:f/7
Objective lens:Quadruplet air-spaced APO (including two ED glass)
Image circle:44mm
Maximum accessory connection (with the focuser fully retreated):
1. Imaging mode:
79mm (from the base of M48×0.75 male thread)
99mm (from the base of M54×0.75 male thread)
119mm (from the base of M68×1male thread)
149mm (from the base of M86×1 male thread)
2. Observing mode:
120mm (from the end of 2" visual back)
Total length:603mm(when the dew shield is contracted)
754mm(when the dew shield is stretched)
Net weight:5.7kg
Gross weight:6.9kg
Rear-end thread type:M86×1 to M68×1
M68×1 to M54×0.75
M54×0.75 to M52×0.75
M52×0.75 to M48×0.75(with M48×0.75 filter thread)
Four-piece photographic adapter:M48×0.75
Standard package items:a 107PHQ OTA,a pair of tube rings, a handle, an Askar 300mm Vixen dovetail plate, a set of four-piece photographic adapters, a manual

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