PrimaLuceLab ARCO 3" robotic rotator

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ARCO 3" is the robotic ARCsecond resolution rOtator, with a larger free aperture of 76mm, specifically designed to work with ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2. Perfect for the use with large sensor cameras, also with heavy accessories, ARCO allows you to rotate the camera without touching the telescope and with the incredible resolution of 1 arcsecond per step. By connecting it with a short cable to ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2, you can control ARCO from EAGLE, any Windows computer or via WiFi from a smartphone or tablet! ARCO 3" will be available later this year.

Connect ARCO 3" to ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2 by using the special port and you won't need other USB or power cables. With ARCO, you can remotely control rotation angle of your camera with an incredible resolution of 1 arcsecond per step!



ARCO 3 robotic rotator





ARCO 3 robotic rotator

Dimensions in millimiters of the ARCO 3" robotic rotator: all the mechanical and electrical parts are included in the aluminum case without protruding parts in order to avoid touching of camera, accessories or telescope.



ARCO 3" can be connected, through optional adapters, to ESATTO 3" or ESATTO 4" to let you use also large astrophotography cameras or heavy research instruments. Please note: in order to be used, ARCO rotator has to be connected to ESATTO microfocuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor. ARCO is not designed as a stand alone unit.

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