Baader Astro Conversion Filter for Canon EOS 350D/20D/10D/30D

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DSLR Conversion Filter for Canon EOS 350D/20D/10D/30D.

Turn your Canon DSLR into a superb deep sky AstroCamera. Baader's DSLR conversion filters replace the factory correcting filter ("hot mirror"). The special substrate is coated with Baader's renowned coatings. Imagers can now gain full efficiency at H-Alpha wavelengths, and at full resolution (the Baader filter eliminates the Canon factory moire filter, which reduces resolution on astronomical subjects). The thickness of the Baader DSLR filters have been designed to maintain the correct factory focal point (please note: The Baader filter is intentionally of a different thickness than the factory filter - this is required to match the effective index of refraction of the factory 'sandwich' filter).

The Baader DSLR Conversion Filters are produced to the same specifications and by the same processes used for all of their other premium Baader Astronomical Filters. Each filter is optically polished to 1/4 wave and most importantly the ionbeam hardened coatings are applied AFTER cutting and polishing. This important aspect guarantees that your coatings will not peel or degrade due to the softer coatings and edge damage caused by post-cutting operations used by some other filters to cut costs. With a Baader filter, you never need to worry that your internal DSLR Conversion filter will fail prematurely.

This filter is intended for amateurs that are comfortable replacing their camera's stock filter. Please Note: For best performance we recommend installing the filter with the coated (pinkish) side facing out (FACF-1, II, III). The FBCF-400D is clear with no pinkish side and does not require any particular orientation. The digital astro eGroup is a great place for advice on how to replace this filter.

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459212
EAN CODE 4047825008978
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AR-COATING dielectrically coated, planeoptically polished
FILTER USAGE Color Correction, H-alpha, IR-Cut, UV-Cut
SINGLE OR SET? Single Filter
FILTER SHAPE rectangular
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