PrimaLuceLab 26mm Adapter for Sesto Senso 2 - SESTOSENSO-AD26II

Article number: SESTOSENSO-AD26II
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The SESTO SENSO II 26mm Adapter from PrimeLuceLab allows you to connect the SESTO SENSO II (not included) to focusers that have a 26mm diameter shaft. This allows for connections to focusers like those from Explore Scientific.

The SESTO SENSO II comes with the ability to connect to the most common diameter shafts on the market, 25mm, so you will need this adapter to connect to 26mm diameter shafts.

Included with the package is a bushing that enables the connection of the SESTO SENSO II to the the focuser. The adapter installs onto the focuser instead of the focus knobs.



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