ZWO New CS lens 2.8mm-12mm F1.4 C Mount Lens

Article number: ZWO-LENS-2.8-12
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This zoom fisheye lens will allow you to take a breathtakingly wide view of the night sky. Fantastic accessory to grab those shots of meteors or of the entire Milky Way. This lens will give you approximately a 100 degree field of view!
Please note, however, you will need to also order either theZWO T2-CS or M4CS Adapter In order to attach this lens to your ZWO ASI camera.


Product Description

CS lens2

2.8mm-12mm F1.4 lens is suitable for ASI120MM/MC or other cameras with a  1/3"  sensor:

  • ASI120MM/MC
  • ASI290MM/MC
  • ASI224MC



This lens has bigger diameter than the 2.1mm lens come with ASI120MM/MC.

It is very suitable for meteor capturing.

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