ZWO ASI6200 Pro USB3.0 Cooled Monochrome Camera - ASI6200MM-P

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This ZWO ASI6200MM Pro monochrome camera uses its full frame design and many features to create high quality images for astrophotographers. With a sleek red astronomy camera body, this camera looks good while giving premium performance with excellent noise reduction and video capabilities. Regarding backfocus, the short backfocus of 17.5 mm is on par with the other cooled ZWO cameras. This means that the ASI6200 camera body is easy to adapt to most telescopes systems with scarce back focus.

ZWO has designed the ASI6200 Monochrome camera to be very versatile when it comes to uses. If you are looking for a camera to accompany you on your deep sky astrophotography, planetary imaging, sky survey, microscopy, and forensic science imaging adventures, then this is the camera for you.


ASI6200MM Pro Specifications


  • ADC: 16 bit
  • Back Focus: 17.5 mm
  • Camera Connection: Female M54 x 0.75
  • Color or Monochrome: Monochrome
  • Cooling: Cooled
  • Delta T: 60°C Below Ambient
  • Dynamic Range: 13.9 Stops
  • Full Resolution Frame Rate: 9 fps
  • Full Well: 51 ke
  • Megapixels: 61.2
  • Peak QE: 80%
  • Pixel Array: 9576 x 6388
  • Pixel Size: 3.75 microns
  • Power Consumption: 12V 3A
  • Read Noise: 3.5e
  • Sensor: IMX455
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