Tele vue 4" Ring Mount - Satin Finish

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* The Televue 4" Ring Mount slips around the tube assembly of the TV-102 telescope.

* The bottom of the 4" Ring Mount attaches to any alt-az or equatorial mount that uses a 1/4-20 attachment bolt.

* The slot you see on the top of the TeleVue 4" Ring Mount allows you to attach Televue accessories like the Starbeam, Sol-Searcher, or Quik Point finder.

* This beautiful black anodized ring mount has a satin finish that will match other black items on your Televue tube assembly.

For TV-102/(iis), TV-NP101/(is) or any telescope with outside tube diameter of exactly 4-inches. Finish matches focuser body and dew shield of current production telescopes.

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