Televue 17mm Ethos Eyepiece - 2 Inch

Article number: ETH-17.0
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Sky & Telescope Hot Products 2010 WInner!

* The Televue 17mm Ethos Eyepiece provides a 100° apparent field for a true "spacewalk" view of the night sky.

* Distortion correction, high contrast and on-axis sharpness for wide field planetary viewing.

* Televue 17mm Ethos Eyepiece provides a generous 15mm of eye relief for comfortable observing.

* Accepts DIOPTRX eyesight astigmatism correctors.

* The Televue 17mm Ethos Eyepiece is a 2" barrel size and weighs 1.55 lbs (24.8 oz.).

* Dramatic mid-level magnification views combine with stunning wide field backgrounds.

The 17mm ETHOS is an ideal complement to the 31mm Nagler Type-5. They are parfocal (both have focus locations about 3/8" above shoulder) and the 31mm Nagler Type-5 has exactly twice the true field area







Model # ETH-17.0
Focal Length (mm) 17
Barrel Size (in.) 2"
Apparent Field of View (deg.) 100
Eye Relief (mm) 15
Weight (lb / oz) 1.55 / 24.8
Field Stop (mm) 29.6
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