Takahashi TSA Series

Takahashi TSA Telescopes are the first in the new TSA line of Takahashi triplet apochromats. The color-free images produced will delight the lunar, planetary and deep sky observer with very high contrast images with pin-point stars. The compact size, less than 23" with the lens shade retracted, makes the TSA-102 the perfect airline-ready apochromat. The TSA-102S is great for eclipse expeditions or transporting to remote sites. Not only are Takahashi TSA Telescopes a great visual instrument, they can be converted into a flat field f/7.84 or an f/5.98 wide field imaging platform for a CCD camera or digital SLR. The addition of the optional camera angle adjuster allows the image to be rotated 360° without loss of focus. The camera angle adjuster is also very handy for visual applications to position the ocular or binoviewer in the best most comfortable position. The TSA-102S is a compact, high quality, versatile Takahashi apochromat made for the refractor enthusiast who wants a very high quality instrument in a relatively compact package.