SCT/Mak on Fork Mount

Cover sizes are inter-changeable. The correct cover size will depend on the scope set-up. For example, a fork mounted 8" SCT will use a TG08. A fork w/wedge mounted 8" SCT will require a TG12. To determine the best cover fit, measure the scope/mount set-up and compare with the stated cover sizes.

The Standard TeleGizmos Solar Scope Covers, when used outside, are intended for temporary exposure periods. For long term continuous 365 outside exposure protection, see the Series 365 Covers.

  Cover Size A B
 T308 TG08 8" 37" 16.5"
 T309 TG09 9.25" 42" 18.5"
 T311 TG11 11" 42" 20.5"
 T314 TG14 12-14" 54" 22.5"
 T316 TG16 16" 70" 26.75"