Desert Storm Covers

Polyurethane/Foil /Polyurethane Construction

This silver, polyurethane laminated foil material will reflect the sun, resists dust and moisture and is long-lasting.

Astro-Covers feature superior flexibility over a wide range, even at temperatures as low as -60°F (-50°C).  Our covers can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees and still maintain their mechanical and physical properties.

These covers provide excellent abrasion resistance, resistance to hydrocarbons, chemicals, ozone, bacteria, fungus, and moisture, as well as skin oils. They provide durability and long life in harsh environments.

Astro-Covers covers can withstand a lot of physical abuse including scratch, friction, corrosion forced upon the surface of the materials. With over three times the durability of rubber,

Our film can withstand temperature down to -30 degrees while mechanical and physical properties are still maintained

All seams are permanently sealed, no holes, and is maintenance free.

Warranted against defects in material for 1 year.