4-Ever+ Telescope Covers

4-Ever+ Telescope Covers

(Vinyl Laminated over Polyester Rip Stop)

Water & Dust Proof

Protect your investment with a waterproof, dust-proof, insulating cover.
This material is the same that we use to cover the AstroGazer Portable Observatory. It is a durable, heavy weight 14 oz. opaque vinyl, laminated on both sides of polyester rip stop. Extremely resistant to rips and tears. Formulated with extra UV protectors to enhance & prolong the useful life of the exterior surface. Remains flexible to -40 degrees.

Your telescope will remain at ambient temperature. This material does not allow any visible, infra-red or ultra violet light to penetrate.
If left outside 24X7X365 days this material will last 10 – 15 years depending on the area you reside. Used a week a month this cover will last from 30 – 40 years.

All seams are permanently welded, there no holes, and it is maintenance free.  Lifetime warranty against defects in material