Takahashi Reducer/Flattener for Sky 90, FS-78, & FS-60C (DISCONTINUED)

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This Reducer is suitable for the Takahashi Sky-90 Fluorit Apo, it reduces the focal length from 500 to 407mm, giving you a fairly fast f / 4.5 device for DeepSky photography. Of course, this Reducer also paves the image field, the image circle is 45mm, the photographic field 6.1 °. On the telescope side, this reducer is connected via the M56x0.75 thread to the small CAA-1 camera rotor (TKA21200), the CA-35 Sky-90 is required on the camera side (TKA35201), in which you can use the normal M54 Wide mount bayonet rings or our Takahashi CCD Adapter 1 are screwed.
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