Stellarvue 80 mm Finder Rings - Mounts to Hinged Rings - R080ET

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Use this ring set to mount your 80mm Stellarvue finderscope to the top of a hinged mounting ring. The rings are 96 mm ID and the screws are stainless steel with nylon tips. The base is made to fit two popular ring widths. For the best fit your telescope mounting rings should be either 20 mm or 1” thick and have either a 1/4-20 or 6 mm threaded center hole. Most hinged rings have this. The ring set comes with both a 1/4-20 and 6 mm screw. Make sure to use the correct one for your ring set. 

Drawings of the components including the base that attaches to the telescope's mounting ring (#FB), the standard Stellarvue dovetail rail (TPFD) are shown above with dimensions.  

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