Educational Workshops

Digital Photography and Astronomy Classes on Long Island

So, you just bought a brand new digital camera. Where do you go from here? Whether you're just starting your photography adventure or have been shooting for years, the photography workshops provided by CCTS can help you refine your skills and take pictures like a pro.

   Perhaps you purchased a telescope years ago and never got around to figuring it all out? rather than let it continue to just gathering dust in your attic, dust it off and let us help you have some fun under the stars! We can help you figure it all out and start (or restart) that brand new hobby! We offer a number of classes on using your telescope that will get you up and running!




Free classes in our Store with purchase

Buy your camera from CCTS and get a Digital 101 course covering photography basics.


Buy your telescope from CCTS and get an Introductory Telescope course covering all the basics of using your telescope.

Begininning to Advanced Classes

Our beginning digital photography classes will introduce you to basic photography concepts using either point and shoot cameras or DSLRs. You'll understand what terms like white balance, shooting pointers, resolution, and image size mean. You'll get real knowledge that you can use to improve your photography skills in an intensive one-day workshop experience.

If you already know a little something about how to use a camera, our intermediate and advanced courses can teach you new skills or help you improve areas where you may have trouble.

Classes in Photoshop, Lightroom and more...

CCTS also offers classes in how to make the most of editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom. Learn how to edit and manipulate your photos like a pro in these easy-to-follow workshops and seminars.

Start taking better pictures today and have more fun with your camera!

Seating is limited so make your reservations today.  Check out our classes for our full schedule, or call us at 631-475-1118 for more information.