Planisphere 16 inch

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The 16-inch diameter plastic star chart is for use in the northern hempisphere and anywhere in the US. It consists of two plastic circles riveted together that can be turned to find the stars for any hour or day of the year. Binocular and small telescope objects are noted on the chart. The back of the chart is packed with information including a table for the annual meteor shower, Moon map, planet facts, a tickle of mythology, astro history timeline, fun facts and more.

Note about the Planets: The planets are not plotted on charts of this type because they move daily along the gray circular band within the white oval. This path in the sky is called the ecliptic.

The star chart consists of two pieces of plastic riveted together. The constellations are seen through the clear oval window. To use, you rotate the two pieces to your observing date and time that are printed along the circumference of the two circles.


“. . . friendly style invites beginning stargazers to relax, follow the chart's easy to use instructions and slowly begin the fascinating task of finding the constellations. . .”
• Arizona Daily Sun

“A jumbo star wheel. The largest commercial planisphere we've seen in recent years. . . skywatchers will find useful information on the Moon, planets, meteor showers and selected deep-sky objects.”
• Sky & Telescope magazine

“Add stars, constellations, and sprinkle on lots of fun astronomical facts for beginners and you have the main ingredients for a 16-inch planisphere...”
• Astronomy magazine

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