Phoenix Smart Flash 46N Ring light/ Macro for Nikon (Pre-owned)

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Phoenix Smart Flash 46N Ring light/ Macro for Nikon TTL (Pre-owned)

The Phoenix RF-46N Macro TTL Ringlight provides full TTL control (including i-TTL) with both digital and film SLR cameras. This allows for accurate exposures of close-up subjects. When shooting at extremely short distances, relatively minor movement of lighting and subject results in relatively large changes of exposure. TTL metering eliminates the need for lengthy calculations of exposure, because the inherent loss of light at macro distances can automatically be accounted for with ease.

The RF-46 can be used with the camera set to full automatic mode, semi-automatic mode (aperture or shutter priority), or manual mode, giving you the utmost in image flexibility. In automatic and semi-automatic mode the SmartFlash units recycle almost instantaneously allowing you to never miss a shot.

Fully dedicated with i-TTL
Provides approx. 100-200 flashes per charge
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