Lunt LS230THa Double Stack Solar Telescope with B3400 Blocking Filter

Article number: LS230THa/B3400
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  • LS230THa/B3400 Double Stack System
  • Starlight Feather Touch Focuser
  • Dual PC-USB System Control
  • Tube Rings and Mounting Plate

The Lunt Solar Systems LS230THa Doublet Stacked Solar Telecope



Blocking Filter: B3400 Internal Mount

Bandwidth: <.5 Angstroms at 656.28nm

Focuser: Feather Touch

Etalon 1: Internal Un-obstructed 80mm, Pressure Tuned

Etalon 2: Internal Un-Obstructed 80mm, Pressure Tuned


Availability: 4-6 Months Production Time

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