iOptron HAE69EC iMate AZ/EQ Mount

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Looking for a lightweight, wonderfully accurate, and easy to use telescope mount? Then look no further than the iOptron HAE69EC iMate Mount! This effortlessly portable mount allows for an incredible payload capacity of 69lbs while only weighing 19lbs itself. No hassle scouring the internet for drivers or downloading software needed for a night of collecting data. Everything you need is already downloaded. It’s featured compatibility with numerous cameras, filter wheels, focusers, and more allows for a seamless imaging experience no matter the brand, model, or software you may have. Utilizing its built-in highly precise RA axis encoder, tracking and GoTo accuracy has never been better.

Built into this mount is a powerful high precision RA axis encoder, allowing the iOptron HAE69EC iMate to perfectly counter the Earth’s rotation wherever it may be pointed to resulting in targeted GoTo slews and remarkable tracking accuracy. Coming in at a mere 19.8lbs, the iOptron HAE69EC iMate Mount head has a payload capacity of a whopping 69 lbs, no counterweight or shaft needed. Even with it’s incredible payload capacity and light weight frame, the periodic error of this mount is less than 15 arcseconds, utilizing its strain wave gear mechanics for both RA and DEC movement. This precision shows in any type of astrophotography conducted, whether that be widefield, planetary, or deep space! The durability and longevity of the iOptron HAE69EC is apparent in its anodized, all metal CNC machined body.

Understanding the hassle of downloading numerous drivers and type of software to conduct a night of imaging, the the iOptron HAE69EC iMate Mount has everything needed preloaded into the mount itself. The built in iMate 64-bit ARM architecture based on-board computer houses KStars planetarium software, Ekos control and automation tool, INDI drivers, and WiFi! It also houses iPolar electronic polar scope to make polar aligning a breeze. There is no need to worry about the frustration of miscommunication between different pieces of software, everything you need is already in one spot, ready to go. Also preloaded into the mount is 32Gb eMMC storage with the ability to insert an up to 64Gb TF (micro SD) memory card. This incredible capacity for memory allows you to capture an entire session of data on your favorite objects in space.


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