iOptron CEM40EC NUC Ready Center Balance Equatorial Mount with 1.75" LiteRoc Tripod and Hard Case - C404AN3

Article number: C404AN3
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This iOptron CEM40EC NUC ready mount is a medium weight equatorial GoTo mount with a weight capacity of 40 pounds, and it includes outstanding features like a high-resolution RA encoder for <0.25 arc-second accuracy, iPolar, an integrated electronic polar finder that will make alignment super easy, a Universal Self-Centering Saddle that accepts both Losmandy and Vixen-style dovetail plates, GPS, an internal cable management system, and more! This version of the CEM40EC comes with a bracket mounted to the front of the dovetail saddle to help with seamless cable management once an Intel NUC minicomputer (not included) with a thickness of ≤ 38 mm.

Traditional equatorial mounts are useful when it comes to both visual astronomy and astrophotography, but users have had to grapple with the fact that the design, where the position of the telescope is offset from the center of the tripod, causes torque that effects the mount's overall stability. The iOptron CEM, or Center Balance Equatorial Mount, put the mount's balance point directly over the tripod, resulting in greater stability and allowing for a better weight capacity to mount weight ratio. This iOptron mount design is one of the reasons why the CEM40EC mount head can weigh just 15.8 pounds but carry up to 40 pounds!

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