Feather Topuch FTF3515-TAK FSQ106ED--Feather Touch 3.5" Diameter Dual Speed Focuser Kit

Article number: FTF3515-TAK FSQ106ED
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Feather Touch 3.5" Diameter Dual speed focuser which has a custom machined draw tube with M98X1 female threads.  This focuser was designed with the FSQ106ED in mind as it has short in-focus and allows for directly threading Takahashi accessories into the draw tube. 

The A35-503-FSQ106ED adapter is included in the price of the focuser.

Draw Tube Thread M98x1 Female
Known To Fit Takahashi FSQ106ED
Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Rack/Pinion
Finderscope hole thread dimension 8-32
Reduction Ratio 10:1
Weight of focuser 4.540 pounds including adapter
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