Feather Touch FTF2015BCR-LW---Lightweight Feather Touch Rotatable 2.0" focuser with 1.5" Draw Tube travel, Brake, and Compression Ring

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2.0" Diameter focuser with 1.5" draw tube travel and Compression Ring.  We have notched out the focuser housing  and custom machined the draw tube.  This focuser weighs a mere .848lbs. which is .278 lbs lighter than our standard 2.0 focuser.

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Draw Tube Travel 1.5"/38.1MM
Lifting Capacity 8-10 pounds
Reduction Ratio 10:1
Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Crayford
Weight of focuser .848 pounds
Racked In from Mounting Face 1.405"/35.687MM
Racked Out from Mounting Face 3.005"/76.327MM
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