Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade with ES PMC-8-11 Electronics, motors and software

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Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade from Losmandy G-11 motor and electronics to Explore Scientific PMC-8-11 Electronics, motors and software. This includes the motor housings, new stepper motors, Losmandy RA extension, PMC-8-II metal box, adapter to hold PMC-8-11 to one tripod leg, cables, ac adapter, installation and testing of G-11 head and free software. Shipping to and from Explore Scientific is not included in this price. A shipping box for the head is available at an extra charge.

The Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade Kit allows the owner of a Losmandy G-11 to upgrade to the ExploreScientific/Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo System, thus allowing the G-11 to be controlled by any ASCOM compatible software. This upgrade can be applied to any Losmandy G-11, be it an older or current model regardless of whether it has the Gemini system - - INCLUDING non-tracking, non-motorized versions. The upgrade is performed by Explore Scientific technicians at Explore Scientific’s headquarters in Arkansas and results in a fully-functional and thoroughly-tested Explore Scientific/Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo System. To learn more about the features of the upgraded G-11 see the product description of the Explore Scientific/Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo System.

Shipping to and from Explore Scientific is up to consumer. A box for shipping your G-11 head is available at an additional cost from Explore Scientific.

Contact our CS department at 866–252–3811 to arrange for an RMA number so you can send us your mount prior to purchasing this upgrade.

The hardware components included in this upgrade include motor housings, two flex couplers for direct connection to the worm blocks, two stepper motors, the Losmandy RA Extension (the 0.6" saddle plate extension is not necessary with our setup), a PMC-Eight controller, a PMC-Eight mounting adapter, two durable serial cables, an AC adapter, and Explore Scientific™s free ExploreStars software.

See the Software tab to download and learn more about then PMC-Eight, ExploreStars App and the ASCOM driver.

A Losmandy G-11 that has been upgraded with the Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade Kit can be controlled by any ASCOM compatible software or by ExploreStars, which is provided by Explore Scientific at no charge. Regardless of which software is used, communication with the PMC-Eight can be either hardwired or wireless. Moreover, due to Explore Scientific’s open-architecture approach to the PMC-Eight, tech savvy users can develop their own controlling software and expand the role of the PMC-Eight to fulfill their individual needs.

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