DN011 Heater For 9/10 inch (22.9/25.4cm) scopes

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Proudly made in the USA, the Dew-Not Dew Remover is a thick film heater manufactured for operation at 12 volts. 60% percent of the surface area is heat emitting - this means more even heat distribution and no localized hot spots or burnouts often associated with resistance wire heaters. Protected by over 30 USA and international patents, and carrying more than 20 years of constant improvements and enhancements, the Dew-Not Dew Remover is the ultimate in reliability and efficiency. Dew-Not is available for all popular sized telescopes and custom sizes are available upon request. Each heater comes with a standard six foot cord and phono-plug connector. *Compatible with all commercially available controllers.
So exactly what does this mean? Well for starters it means you use a lot less power. In simple terms the OTHER company design has a large amount of rubber involved as well as the fabric overlay. The result is that you must heat the rubber and the fabric before any heat is transferred to your OTA or device. Thus, a 14"/16” from the OTHER companies heater draws a whopping 4.75 amps at 100% power. By comparison, the Dew-Not 14” strip with it’s unique design only draws 1.92 amps at 100% power. The 16” strip they offer only draws 2.15 amps at 100% power. That is a HUGE power savings.
You will find a similar differences in amperage required between the two with the Dew-Not power requirements being considerably lower in every size available. An old setup needed 11.75 amps at 100% power using the 4 heaters from the OTHER company. Buying the same size heaters from Dew-Not the maximum power requirement is 5.23 amps at 100% power. Thats less than half the amperage of the previous setup. It obvious if you do the math that these save a lot of power and will make a 100 amp battery last a whole lot longer!


The heaters have been built to use only as much power as necessary and thereby not waste energy. They have sponge insulation on one side to prevent heat being lost into the atmosphere. The heat is directed into the optics instead and because of this, less energy is needed to keep your optics moisture free.
The heaters wrap around your objectives, label side out and are held in place by elastic/Velcro attachments. Telrad heaters are held in place with an elastic band. The heaters for secondary mirrors are placed on the backside of the secondary and can be held in place by using the polyester batting found inside the secondary mirror holder. The .965/1.25", 1.25/2" and 2" are considered eyepiece heaters. The 1.25/2" and 2" are also heaters for camera lenses and certain binoculars


Minimum 12 amp hour rechargeable deep-cycle battery recommended with use of system. I 20v and 240v converters with 1 2v DC with 5 amps of constant current output available for household current use.
Put your heaters in place at the beginning of an observing session with the controller at or near its lowest setting. This should be good enough for most observing sessions. The high setting is only recommended for removing moisture already collected on your objectives or for cold winter nights. If moisture has formed on your optics, put the controller on high and wait 15 to 30 minutes for the optics to warm up. SCTs should clear by then, refractors can have excess moisture removed with a tissue. You can then reset the controller to a lower setting.


Length: 38" ( 96.5 cm)
Watts: 17.8
Voltage: 12v
Amperage: 1.49 amp

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