DayStar Filters Quantum H-Alpha Bandpass Filter - Research Grade (Specify Bandpass)

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Key Features
  • Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filter
  • Engineered for Professional Research Use
  • Reveals Prominences in High Contrast
  • Anti-Reflection Coated BK-7 Glass
  • View Limited Surface Texture
  • 1.0Å Offset Capability
  • Wavelength Output Accurate to 0.1Å
  • RS-232 Serial Port for Computer Control
  • Runs on 12 VDC Power

The Daystar Filters' 0.8Å bandwidth Quantum H-Alpha Bandpass Filter reveals prominences, a detail of the chromosphere projected against the blackness of space, in exceptionally high contrast versus other filters. The filter is installed at the rear of the OTA, rather than before the primary objective so it can be used on telescopes of virtually any aperture and easily moved between a variety of scopes. This version of the Quantum is designed for professional research-grade users which require tight tolerances and improved quality. To accomplish this, Daystar improves homogeneity and on-band transmittance values across the substrate surface, so these filters require additional quality control steps, as well as additional fabrication and testing times.

The filter comes calibrated for the H-alpha wavelength at 6562.8Å and using the electronic tuning system, which is accurate to 0.1Å, the wavelength can be offset as much as 1.0Å in either direction for Doppler shift compensation and to highlight specific areas. The Quantum is outfitted with an RS-232 serial port that allows it to be connected to a computer and enables remote viewing of the wavelength display and control of the tuning. It runs on 12 VDC power and comes with a 6' power cord and a set of international outlet plugs for US, EU, UK, and Australia.

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