ZWO LRGB 2 Inch Premium Filter Set

Article number: LRGB2
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ZWO's 2" LRGB set comes complete with 2" Luminance (UV-IR Cut), Red, Green, and Blue filters. ZWO's filter design boasts excellent 92% transmission at passband, great optical coatings, and good color separation.

The LRGB filters have a mechanical thickness of 5mm, with an additional 2.5mm added for the thread. The optical thickness measures in at 1.85mm. Each filter is more parfocal with a thickness of 1.9+/-0.03 mm. As for the thread, this LRGB filter set comes with a M48x0.75 thread on each filter.

Each filter is fine-optically polished to reach an accuracy of 1/4 wave and is equipped with anti-reflection coatings. With the infrared wavelength, there is a 700-1100nm cut off. ZWO has included a spectral "gap" to minimize the effect of light pollution. Additionally, the ZWO LRGB filters have precision off-brand blocking.

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