ZWO D90 Holder Ring for ASI Cooled Cameras (90mm Diameter)

Article number: ZWO RINGD90
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Product name: D90 Holder Ring for ASI Cooled cameras

Product : 90mm diameter


Currently compatible with ASI 2600MC Pro and ASI6200MM/MC Pro cameras.



1. Cameras with large format like ASI094MC Pro, ASI128MC Pro and ASI071MC Pro require the D86 Holder Ring (80mm diameter).

2. D78 Holder Ring for ASI Cooled cameras is compatible with following ZWO cameras:

ASI1600 Pro cameras, ASI183 Pro cameras, ASI294MC Pro, ASI178 Cooled cameras, ASI174 Cooled cameras and ASI385MC cooled.


3. Loosen the M6 screw on the holder ring, you can mount the camera onto the tripod easily.



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