Optolong L-eNhance Light Pollution Dual Band Pass Imaging Filter - 1.25" Mounted

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L-eNhance provides an economical and practical solution for amateurs. It is a dual-narrowband pass filter which has been designed for DSLR (digital SLR), color CMOS and CCD cameras. The convenience and cost effectiveness of this filter allows amateurs to image a rich selection of astronomical images, even in bright, heavily light-polluted areas.
Optolong believes the design of our L-eNhance filter is a technical innovation among filters. It effectively isolates the H-Alpha, H-Beta, and Oxygen III nebula emission lines and achieves a maximum transmission of up to 90%. The performance of this filter delivers images that superbly control the impact from light polluted skies.


  • H-Beta, Oxygen III, and H-Alpha emission lines passed at high transmission rate (avg. 90% or above)
  • Engineered specifically for use with DSLR, CMOS, and CCD color cameras Superb signal and contrast for nebulosity in suburban and urban photography
  • More than 150 layers coating on B270 glass
  • Ion assisted deposition technology to make sure durability and resistance to scratching

L-eNhance Filter Spectrum Curve

According to the characteristics of celestial body emission lines and feature of light pollution span of spectrum, Optolong specially designed and optimized dual-narrowband L-eNhance filter in order to retain the prominent color of nebula RGB while blocking out most of light pollution.

Spectrum as shown below:


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